One Down – One more to go! Custom Waldorf Inspired Doll Outfit

I finished the first of my current custom orders yesterday and it was such an amazingly beautiful day to go out and photograph it! (Today is even nicer – supposed be 24 Deg C – how can I possible stay inside!?) This is the first time I’ve created a pattern for a 14″ doll – everything a wee bit smaller and more delicate – it was super fun and I’m happy all my new patterns turned out so well on the first go.  IMG_2608_SmallIMG_2624_SmallIMG_2636_Small IMG_2620_Small

Shhhhh… I Take Custom Orders

This little set was a custom order from a very lovely lady via my Etsy shop – she chose all the wool and colours herself, mailed it to me along with a reference picture and I got to work. I’m always honoured when folks want me to create things for them but I have to say that this little one-sie was a challenge! My client requested a bum flap opening at the back, which was so cute, but I’d never done anything like this before and since I create these patterns out of my head it was a hard to get it right. I ripped things out a few times… (Okay, maybe like 6 times…) Custom work is often an interesting endeavour and chalk full of opportunity to improve ones skills! 😉IMG_2545_Small IMG_2552 IMG_2548_Small

All Natural Waldorf Doll Dress Set – Vintage Style in PINK!

So after all my complaining about pink… I realize I was wrong…IMG_2479_Small
I was gifted 17 balls of a greyish pink wool and athough it is mint quality I felt a little uninspired by the colour. However, I like the challenge of trying to create something beautiful out of what I have on hand. I started with making the little sweater and then to my surprise the rest fell into place quite easily. I honestly thought it would be a real struggle to come up with a matching ensemble for this pink wool but I was wrong! In the end I’m really happy with it and maybe a little more inspired by it. 😉IMG_2498_SmallThis is the first time I’ve sewn little pantaloons. So fun! IMG_2478_Small IMG_2493_Small IMG_2481_Small