Winter is Coming – Time to Create!

In some ways I look forward to the colder months that keep us inside. Chilly days spent inside by the wood stove – it’s the perfect time to get inspired and start creating more regularly again! (Also time to start thinking of Christmas gifts we can make!!) Attached here are a Highland doll outfit that was a custom order this past couple weeks and a new little sweater with apple stuffy toys.img_4734_small img_4721_small

Knitting on Long Road Trips

IMG_4545_SmallFor some odd reason I get motion sickness while reading in the car but I can knit for hours and it doesn’t bother me at all… It’s an anomaly but I’ll take it! I love having something to occupy me and make the trip go fast. I finished up this wee sweater on my last road trip of the summer.  (Oh and I also included some pics of a couple dresses I finished up this week as well.)
HAPPY first day of September friends!!!
IMG_4546_Small IMG_4541_SmallIMG_4526_Small IMG_4529_Small IMG_4513_Small IMG_4518_Small IMG_4517_Small

Woodland Critter – Mr Fox – Handmade Natural Animal Toys

It’s been eons since I’ve had time to create – I realize this makes me a terribly inconsistent blogger… But vat can I do ven life is to be lived!? One day… One day, I’ll have all the time in the world to knit and sew! (I know I’m only dreaming, but a girl’s gotta have a dream right?!)

Anyway, enough jabbering on – here is the little foxy I finally finished up on a rainy Saturday afternoon! Hope y’all are soaking up the sun and enjoying your summer!
Fox_0002_Small Fox_Small

Knitting – Free Simple Illustrated Instructions

KNitLearn how to knit with these simple step by step instructions for beginners. This five page FREE downloadable PDF is the perfect way to start learning!

I’ve had my free learn-to-crochet instructions available for a long time and I’ve been working on creating a similar printable for learning to knit. I finally finished all the drawings and graphics today – Phew! I personally found knitting a little harder to learn than crochet but so rewarding in the end. The stitches are smaller, more delicate and require a bit of finesse but once you’ve mastered this craft you will never regret it. And add to that the rhythm of knitting is ultra relaxing. I hope you find these useful and you enjoy!

I sincerely want to continue to offer free patterns & tutorials so please be considerate and adhere to copyright laws:
All these files are copyrighted and intended for personal use only. You have permission to print these files as many times as you like but they are intended for personal use only. You do not have permission to use these files commercially. Thus, you cannot sell, share or distribute these files in either print or digital form without written consent from Micheline Ryckman. All copyright remains with Micheline Ryckman © 2016.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD –> Simple Illustrated Knitting Instructions

Happy Knitting!!!