Knitting on Long Road Trips

IMG_4545_SmallFor some odd reason I get motion sickness while reading in the car but I can knit for hours and it doesn’t bother me at all… It’s an anomaly but I’ll take it! I love having something to occupy me and make the trip go fast. I finished up this wee sweater on my last road trip of the summer.  (Oh and I also included some pics of a couple dresses I finished up this week as well.)
HAPPY first day of September friends!!!
IMG_4546_Small IMG_4541_SmallIMG_4526_Small IMG_4529_Small IMG_4513_Small IMG_4518_Small IMG_4517_Small


4 thoughts on “Knitting on Long Road Trips

  1. It’s not an anomaly. I do the same, and to me it is a sign that I am a creative person, with an absolute NEED to create, and on road trips this is the creating you can do. Sewing won’t work, you need more concentration and then you end up with car sickness. Knitting is brilliant, because you can lift your eyes znd enjoy the scenery while your hands work. You can chat and be social.

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    1. Nice! Yeah there is that NEED to create all the time hey? ha ha! I guess that’s it – you don’t get sick because you are looking up all the time and talking – it is such a great use of all that time sitting! Thanks for your encouragement and your comment!!!

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