Natural Doll Clothing – Summer Sewing Frenzy!

IMG_4224_SmallIMG_4222_SmallA couple weeks ago I received the custom order you see above and it inspired me to finally get moving on some new projects. Summer and sunshine seem to take away from my indoor productivity. 😉 I had so much fun creating this doll dress set that it spurred me on and below are some things I’ve finished up this week! More to come!

Are you like me? Do your indoor projects drop off during summer as well? IMG_4292_Small IMG_4290_SmallThis is the first time I’ve created a pattern for a little doll jacket – fun challenge for sure! IMG_4294_Small IMG_4284_Small IMG_4286_Small IMG_4285_Small IMG_4281_SmallThis one is by far my favourite out of these doll dresses this week.  IMG_4279_SmallIMG_4282_Small


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