What do I do with so much PINK?

I actually have about 17 balls of this greyish-pink wool – it was gifted to me and although it’s really nice quality I haven’t been inspired by it… I could probably create 17 dozen little hats out of it but I think I’d be tired of looking at the colour by the end. 😉 I felt like I had to use it for something so I randomly started a little doll sweater today, mind you I have no real plans for what else will go with it. Any thoughts on what you would use this colour for?IMG_2441_Small


11 thoughts on “What do I do with so much PINK?

      1. Oh yes, teal apparently goes surprisingly well with pink! 🙂 I’m thinking creams, even some blues – but that’s me. You should go with what you like, or if you’re gifting, what you think they’ll like. Hope you enjoy your project!


    1. I agree it is a good colour to put with monochromes. You are right crocheting would give it a bulkier flavour as well… just not sure I could pull off the pink myself though – might have to be a Christmas gift to some special someone who could. 😀

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    1. HA HA! 😀 Well I do like brighter pinks. 😀 I think maybe it’s because this one if more dull-ish. You are so sweet offering me suggestions – I am working on a crazy afghan in multi colours so maybe I just need to incorporate as much of this pink into it as I can – use it up!

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